UzBridge электрон журнали

Greetings from the Chief Editor!


Today, Uzbekistan has entered an active phase of democratization of the society, liberalization of the economy and modernization of the country. Our country is forming a completely new and positive image in the global community.

It is well-known that the “El-yurt umidi” Foundation aims to meet the needs of the country's rapid and comprehensive development with highly qualified, well-educated professionals, as well as establish regular dialogue with compatriots living abroad.

The “UzBridge” informative and analytical electronic journal, organized by the Foundation, offers the views and opinions of our compatriots living abroad and professionals in various fields, especially scholars, specialists and talented young people in the governmental and executive bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to inform the general public and our compatriots working abroad, the results of ongoing reforms and changes in our country.

The editorial staff of the journal also has the following tasks:

establishment of dialogue with our compatriots, who have valuable scientific and practical experience working in prestigious research, educational and medical institutions abroad, emerging sectors of the economy, production and application of the latest materials and innovative technologies;

involvement of foreign scientists, teachers, engineers and other specialists, including nationals, in the areas of education, health, economy and public administration;

forming a positive image of Uzbekistan among its compatriots working abroad, collecting, summarizing and implementing their opinions and ideas on economic and social development in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

to publish analytical materials of domestic and foreign experts, including our compatriots, on the course of socio-political and socio-economic reforms in Uzbekistan, to prepare and disseminate scientific collections;

publication of scientific articles and essays of gifted young people studying for Doctoral and Master's programs;

to highlight the activities of the Foundation in the field of education, training and internship in the most prestigious institutions of higher education, research institutions and leading organizations abroad.

The main tasks of the editorial staff are:

organize and promote the work of expert group to edit, process and review information, analytical, scientific, and educational articles and materials received by the editors;

collection and editing theoretical and methodological articles on national and international education, health, engineering, economics, law, public administration, international relations and business, development trends, scientific and practical problems and their solutions;

publish edited materials in “UzBridge” electronic journal;

publication of materials aimed at popularization of advanced scientific and practical experience of scientists, specialists and talented youth with extensive scientific potential and experience abroad.

This electronic journal is included in the list of scientific publications recommended for publication of the main scientific results of dissertations of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Based on the above, we expect our compatriots, who are working abroad in leading organizations, scientists and young researchers who are doing research in our country, to submit their research articles to the “UzBridge” electronic journal in order to make their research widely known.

We hope that the “UzBridge” electronic journal will be a virtual platform for showcasing the development of Uzbekistan, knowledge and valuable experience of our compatriots abroad and those with expertise in the field, as well as in wide range of relevant topics.

Adham Bekmurodov
of "El-Yurt Umidi" Foundation for training specialists abroad and the dialogue with compatriots